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Q & A with Dylan

Q: What disciplines do you coach?

A: Road, Track, MTB and CX

Q: Why cycle coaching?

A: I've been racing bikes for over a decade, and I've always had a passion for training and working towards my own cycling related goals. After completing school I studied a Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science and just coached some of my mates. I instantly became invested in their goals and really enjoyed being apart of their process.

Q: Coffee stops?

A) Before training

B) Post efforts

C) After training 

D) Did someone say coffee hop? 

Q: Most memorable coaching moment so far?

A: In such a short space of time there's been so many! There's three that stand out to me however. (You may only have room for one) November 2019 - Jan 2020: After returning from overseas Sarah and I began preparing a Nationals defence campaign. Within the space of a few month Sarah won pretty much every race she started! Finishing off the best way possible by taking out the National Elite Women's TT.

Mid 2019 - After meeting Jordyn late 2018 I began coaching her with the aim of racing abroad in the states. It was a really awesome project to be apart of and I as I was also racing in the states I was able to be there and experience Jords achieving her goal of racing in the states and being very competitive!

Uni Years! - My great mate and training partner from the junior years Lachy Nolte, decided to make a return to the sport after a few years out of the sport. Beginning at C grade we worked together to get a contract in a National Road Series squad. I was able to both race with him on the team and coach him and it was an awesome season.

Q: What is your approach to training/work/life balance?

A: Time management is really important! When it comes to compliance with training it really comes down to optimising the time you have available for cycling.

This balance is unique to the individual and to get the best outcome it really comes down to myself understanding the whole picture of the athletes life.

Q: What is your go to song/artist for efforts?

A: Depends on the efforts! Rap for most efforts but maybe move to heavy metal for SE efforts or gym

Q: What are your expectations for rider contact? How much? What format (phone call, email, Skype)?

A: It really comes down to what best works for the individual. In order to get the absolute most out of a coach/athlete relationship, consistent communication is crucial and arguably the most important facet of having a coach to assist in working towards your goals.

Q: Do you look at just on the bike or off the bike aspects as well (nutrition, psychology, sleep patterns, strength and conditioning, stretching)?

A: Optimal performance requires looking at everything involved, all of the above are indeed important. However, Pinnacle Performance relies on using an evidence based approach this does mean we stay within our scope of practice as qualified Exercise and Sports Scientist. We encourage incorporating the correct professionals within your performance network.

Q: What is your philosophy on weight training?

A: Without a doubt a very beneficial tool to have for training.

Q: Quality or Quantity training?

A: It's all about quality! That doesn't necessarily mean your reducing your overall volume, but it's about meeting the demands of your goal event and putting time into reaching those demands.

Q: Go to TV/Movie for an ergo?

A: Can't multi task on an ergo so can't watch TV. But if I could it'd be a sports documentary or docu Series. The last dance would be the ultimate choice.

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