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INSCYD is an industry leading testing and analysis tool, allowing coaches to gain a wealth of information about an athletes physiology. INSCYD is for all athletes. It will benefit your training schedule and performance with both a scientific foundation and precise predictability. 

With the testing protocol taking less than an hour to complete, using INSCYD we can provide a full metabolic performance report to help you learn exactly what needs to be done in training to reach your goals. 

INSCYD will: 

  • Provide you with a comprehensive look at the layers of your physiology that enable your actual performance 

  • Explain how your performance is composed and what we can do to increase it 

  • Let us project further performances based on training improvements 

Your full metabolic report will include: 

- An observation of your VO2max, this will help understand how much oxygen your body needs to perform at different exertion levels and how this will interact with your specific fuelling strategy. 

- An understanding of your VLamax, which in general terms is the maximum production rate of lactate in your muscles. 

- An assessment of your Anaerobic Threshold, sometimes also referred to as lactate threshold, most athletes will be using this as their sole measure of performance. 

- A detection of the individual Fat Combustion at each level of exertion.  This is very important to know in terms of what type of food and how much you should be consuming at any given output. 

- An insight into the level of Carbohydrate Combustion at each level of exertion. Much like fat combustion, this is important to note towards your fuelling strategy for training and racing. 

- An analysis of Fatigue and Recovery, this will give and deeper understanding of how much fatigue you accumulate as well as the recovery needed to return to a neutral lactate balance 

INSCYD testing is not exclusive to Pinnacle Performance CC athletes, should you and your coach wish to utilise this testing protocol please get in touch. 

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